The fashion brand DEJUJU was created in 2017 by Zheniya Zhelyazkova.

Fashion is the perfect way to express yourself, to provoke the senses. With DEJUJU's models, you have to be ready for the glances that will charm you. There is nothing more appealing to us than a woman who feels comfortable in her clothes. That is why we rely on high-quality, elastic and silhouetted fabrics. Your clothes will tell your story, blur and create a mood.

As a result of our great passion for fashion, our first collections of summer collections appear. This collection follows its own theme, which reflects the style, prints and colors of the patterns. Every detail is specially selected and carefully crafted by the DEJUJU design team, but above all it is made with love!

The ambition and the striving of our team is to create bold visions of a true style that meets today's wife, mother, family...

We rely on high-quality materials, designer prints and recognizable style.

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